"Totally Cosmic!!"

― Cosmo's call and response
Cosmo Pleiades (プレアデスコスモ) is a character in Kiseki Girls!. She is the leader of the idol group, Kiseki Girls!

Character Bio Edit

Character Description Edit

The leader of Kiseki Girls!. She used to be a solo idol before joining. She is known as being a 'Space Idol'!

Personality Edit

A mature, and very friendly idol, who is from Space! On Earth, she is called 'Cosmo the Space Idol' by her (millions) of fans.

Relationships Edit

Subaru Hoshizora - Used to be in a duo idol group with Subaru before they both joined Kiseki Girls.

Cosmu Pleiades

Cosmi Pleiades

Yoshino Sakura

Shiro Shirokita

Trivia Edit

  • She has 2 sisters
    • Her sisters names are Cosmi, and Cosmu